Wacom Bamboo Splash Pen Tablet

Wacom Bamboo Splash Pen Tablet


When you take a look at some of the newer drawing tablets that are being sold these days, you will see that many of them are becoming smaller in size. While this may seem counterintuitive, the reality is that most artists, researchers, and anyone who uses a tablet often find that working with a smaller space is a lot easier. The Wacom Bamboo Splash Pen Tablet has become extremely popular, due in part to the fact that it has a number of high-end features that it very affordable price.


What Features Does This Tablet Have?


The first thing that you should know about the Wacom Bamboo Splash Pen Tablet is that this really does have professional grade technology built into it. It comes with free downloadable creative software including Autodesk Sketchbook Express and ArtRage Studio. You can choose to either download the software online or register to have the software sent to you.


The ergonomically designed pen does not require a battery, so that will save you money and a lot of hassle. No longer will you have to deal with a pen that does not have full charge and it will be comfortable for long periods of time, no matter the size of your hand or the amount of pressure that you use on the tablet.

Wacom Bamboo Splash Pen Tablet


Are There Any Drawbacks To This Tablet?


The Wacom Bamboo Splash Pen Tablet has an active area of 5.8” x 3.6” and measures 11” x 6.8” overall. It weighs in at approximately 2 pounds, which makes it a little heavier than similarly sized tablets. What many people really appreciate about this device is that it is designed to be especially comfortable for long periods of use, and this applies to both the pain and the tablet. It also has a sleek, contemporary design that would look great on any desk.


This is considered to be one of the most appropriate entry-level drying tablets, in part because it comes with the necessary software and is ideal for almost all types drawing, sketching, painting, or retouching.


What Are People Saying About the Wacom Bamboo Splash Pen Tablet?


The reviews that are online for the Wacom Bamboo Splash Pen Tablet certainly show just how easy to use this device is and that the inclusion of a battery free pen makes it ideal for people who are working while traveling.


“This is a great tablet for a beginner. It is really smooth and fluent, and better than my old one.”

  • Ruby, Amazon


“I can definitely get the job done with this. My husband loves it and we are now using it with Photoshop all the time.”

  • Kimberly, Amazon


Where Can You Get the Best Buy?


Right now, this tablet and pen is available at a discounted price online. You will also be able to choose from several different configurations, such as the Capture Pen and Touch, the Create Pen and Touch, or just the Splash Pen. The basic Wacom Bamboo Splash Pen Tablet is available for less than $100, making it a very affordable tablet for almost any use.


Is the Wacom Bamboo Splash Pen Tablet Right for You?


If you have never used this kind of drawing tablet and pen before, then most experts would agree that sticking with Wacom is a great way to go. This company makes many of the leading drawing tablets, from entry-level products to those used by professional designers and artists. The Wacom Bamboo Splash Pen Tablet is a great way for you to enter the drawing tablet market, providing high-level features at a price that you can afford.



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