Tooya Pro Graphics Tablet

Tooya Pro Graphics Tablet


Some of the more inexpensive drawing tablets have a tendency to look like toys, but that is certainly not the case with theTooya Pro Graphics Tablet (Windows/Mac). This is one of the more attractive and sleek drawing tablets available today, yet one that is still sold at a very affordable price. Whether you are using Windows or Mac, this tablet should be able to meet your artistic needs.


What Is the Tooya Pro Graphics Tablet?


This is a very high-tech looking device that certainly appears as if it would cost much more than it does. It measures 12” x 10” by 0.4”, with a 10” x 6.25” drawing space. This larger drawing space makes it wide enough to be used with large screen monitors, but small enough to use on almost any desk space. When used as a replacement for your mouse, this will actually save you space and time.

Tooya Pro

How Does This Device Work?


The Tooya Pro Graphics Tablet comes with everything that you will need to get started including the graphics tablet, the rechargeable pen, a pair of tweezers, a wide variety of drawing and editing software packages, a pen holder, and two refills. You will also get a “quick guide” to get started.


This device can be used with both Macintosh and Windows, and the included Photoshop Element and Photo Express software packages are ideal if you do not have existing drawing or editing software.


The Tooya Pro Graphics Tablet as 2000 dpi resolution screen and a pressure sensitive pen up to 1024 levels. The USB cable measures 1.5 m and operates on USB 1.1 via the included USB port. In essence, this is a true plug and play tablet, which makes it the ideal choice for people who are on the go or are new to working with this kind of technology. Simply take it out of the box, plug it in, and get to work.


What Do the Online Reviews Say?


It is easy to see from the online reviews for the Tooya Pro Graphics Tablet that this device has a lot of fans. Both professional artists and illustrators and amateur drawing tablet enthusiasts have found that both the pen and the ergonomically designed and make working more efficient and much easier.


“You really can’t ask for more at this price. It is comfortable and I found the stylus to be really responsible and long-lasting.”

  • John, Amazon


“I bought this after reading a lot of reviews and have been pleasantly surprised with the quality of the work that I can do with it. It is just what I was hoping for!”

  • Anna, Amazon


Where Can You Get the Best Deal?


Right now, when you buy the Tooya Pro Graphics Tablet online, you can save a little more than 10% off the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. The price of just a little over $130 is certainly much lower than what you would have paid a few years ago for less technology than this tablet offers. Also, this comes with a one-year warranty, which you might not get with other tablets.


Is This Tablet Right for You?


If you have been in the market for sleek, black, high-tech tablet, then the Tooya Pro Graphics Tablet should certainly be your first choice. Not only does this tablet have the kind of features that you would normally find in a much higher price tablet, but it is designed to be fast and efficient. Whether you are creating, editing, or drawing for your own enrichment, the Tooya Pro Graphics Tablet is a drawing tablet that provides excellent quality at a very good price.



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