Monoprice Graphic Tablet

The Monoprice Graphic Tablet


Although many people use drawing tablets or graphic tablets as a way to design, draw, or retouch artworks, the reality is that many people use these devices as a replacement for a mouse. If you have found that using a mouse is too difficult for you, causes pain, or you cannot get the level of intricacy that you need, then the Monoprice Graphic Tablet may be just the right tablet for you. Not only is this very affordable, but it is one of the easiest to use drawing tablets on the market today.


What Is the Monoprice Graphic Tablet?


This is a powerful drawing tablet that is at home on the desks of artists and illustrators as it is on the desks of people with no artistic talent whatsoever. Using a drawing tablet such as this makes freehand drawing and illustration a lot easier, but it is also incredibly powerful when it comes to photo editing and publishing software.


For those people who suffer from repetitive strain injuries or carpal tunnel syndrome, being able to manipulate the cursor by using a drawing tablet is a much better choice than using a traditional mouse or trackball.

Monoprice Tablet

What Features Does This Tablet Have?


The Monoprice Graphic Tablet has been a lot of the features that you would normally only find in much more expensive drawing tablets, including the ability to work with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7 as well as the Macintosh operating system. It can be quickly connected to your computer system by way of a USB cord which comes along with the product.


This device measures 14.7” x 12.7” x 2.4”, and weighs only about 1 pound, making it a great tablet for travel or as a replacement for your existing mouse. Another benefit of this drawing tablet is that it comes with all of the software that you will need to get started right away, so you will not need to go searching online for drivers or additional downloads. This makes it even easier for newcomers to use.


What Do the Online Reviews Say?


It is obvious when you read many of the reviews for the Monoprice Graphic Tablet that this is often the very first drawing tablet that purchasers have had. Traditionally, these devices have been very expensive, but the low price and extensive features with this model make it ideal for both beginners and experts alike.


“This tablet is awesome and has been worth the price for me. The pen has just the right pressure sensitivity and I love having the hot keys available.”

–       Craig, Amazon


“This has a nice sized drawing surface and the responsiveness is ideal for my needs. It is truly compatible with every graphics program I own.”

–       Liv, Amazon


Where Can You Buy the Monoprice Graphic Tablet?


The normal retail price of the Monoprice Graphic Tablet is approximately $145, though you can now get this for about $59 online. Included in this price is the software needed to ensure that this is fully compatible with both Apple and Windows 7 computers, and this also comes with the cable, pen, and pen stand.


Is This the Best Tablet for You?


If you have never worked with a drawing tablet before, then this is perhaps the best device for you to start on. Not only is this easy to use and set up, but it still has a lot of the features that you would normally only find in very high price and much larger tablets. The Monoprice Graphic Tablet allows almost anyone to start working with a drawing tablet without completely breaking the bank.



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